Use Cases


Digital Pre Sales

If you are a Cloud Service Provider or Managed Services Provider change the way that you sell by adopting new digital pre-sales workflows to improve your customer experience and develop winning proposals. 

Do not spend hours manually collecting data and performing spreadsheet analysis, use the junkshon platform and services to transformation your managed services engagement model.

Cost Savings
Improved Customer Engagement
Increased Agility

Rapid Workload Assessment

Don't let rolling out discovery agents be a blocker to your migration or transformation strategy. Most enterprises hold detailed inventory data of their applications, infrastructure and ITSM data. 

Using Rapid Workload Assessment uses this information to build a picture of your as-is estate and provide rapid insights into potential migration approaches and start your migration execution faster.

Faster Migration Execution
Increased Agility

Migration to Public Cloud

Migration to the public cloud can provide customers with agility, cost savings and the ability to adopt new cloud-native technologies. More and more companies are embarking on migration programmes to the public cloud. 

The task of migration to the cloud can be a complicated business, and it is no longer possible to perform using spreadsheets and static data. Using junkshon platform and services can rapidly change the experience of moving workloads to the public cloud.

Cost Savings
Increased Agility

Cloud or Data Centre Migration

Data Centre or Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, to either a new data centre operating environment or the movement of services to an off/on-premise cloud platform. 

When performing a data centre or cloud migration, the following items are essential to consider:

  • Cost

  • Provider Reliability

  • Time

  • Security 

junkshon can help you assess your current I.T landscape and provide rapid answers to information your data centre or cloud strategy.

Cost Savings
Increased Agility

Migration Management

Migrating your current applications and infrastructure systems to the cloud or between data centres can be a daunting prospect. 

Ensuring you have complete visibility of your applications and infrastructure is crucial. A migration management office and service ensures that your migration stays on track. 


junkshon migration experts will help you manage the migration sprints, teams and ensure that the risks are proactively managed using a data-driven approach provided by the junkshon platform. 

Cost Savings
Increased Agility
Data Driven Mgmt

Programme Management

A programme usually starts with a vision of the proposed change and the benefits that will accrue from the change. 

To get such an understanding of your migration and modernisation programme, you need to have a solid strategy and plan. 


junkshon migration strategy and planning services and platform helps you deliver a successful programme.

Cost Savings
Data Driven Mgmt

Integration with Existing Tools

Deploying tools to help with the migration discovery phase can be a complicated and costly exercise.

Using modern application frameworks and systems integration patterns gaining access to existing data stored in existing systems provides a faster way to develop a migration strategy, plan and low-level tasks. 

The junkshon services and the platform takes data from multiple different sources, via traditional file uploads or integration via a RESTful API. 

Cost Savings