Release 4 October 2020

Release 4 of junkshon platform includes new features and lots of improvements.

New File Upload Experience
Application to Server Mapper

Everyone likes a better experience and new updates. To make using Junkshon easier and more enjoyable we've rolled out some additional features. 

Additional Features when uploading files using Migration Configuration

Release 4 brings you the option to add context to your files should you wish by allowing you to map your column headers to the Junkshon Migration Configuration Database headers.

You can also skip this step if you are unsure as to which headers from your file map to the Junkshon column headers.

Editing your Data After Upload

Our customers spoke and we listened.  We had been asked about having the ability to edit or update data after it has been processed into Junkshon Platform without the need to load another file.  So we are pleased to release our MCDB Edit feature in this release.  Using the MCDB page, you can update a server name in free text, alter the CPU and Memory allocated to a server, or change the operating system on a server from a drop down of your own operating systems and these are not the only fields you can Edit.

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 17.54.37.png
Improving Application to Server, Database to Server and Database to Application Mapper

We have again made improvements to how your end-users map servers to applications, no need to send out spreadsheets, mapping can be performed directly on the platform, updating the Migration Configuration Database (MCDB) directly.

Server Mapping
Machine Learning

You can now see the results of our classification of your operating systems, hardware and environment by going to our Analytics Screen.


Contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the features in more depth.