July 2020

The latest release of junkshon includes new features and lots of improvements.

New File Upload Experience
Application to Server Mapper

Everyone likes a better experience and new updates. To make using junkshon easier and more enjoyable we've rolled out some additional features. 

New File Upload Experience

You can now upload multiple files and preview the file you have selected.  From the uploaded files tab you can download files previously loaded or delete a file.

The upload experience has been improved with a faster user interface experience. 

Once your data is processed you can view your data in the Migration Configuration Database (MCDB) view, your data will be combined and displayed across the tabs of MCDB.  In this view you can filter and search your data, you can create subsets of your data using the scenario creation feature and export your data (Filtered or Unfiltered) into a single file.

Upload and preview.png
Introducing Application to Server, Database to Server and Database to Application Mapper

We now have a dedicated feature to all your end-users to map servers to applications, no need to send out spreadsheets, mapping can be performed directly on the platform, updating the migration configuration database (MCDB).

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 13.37.55.png
Survey Export 

Using our survey feature, you can now export your completed surveys as CSV files. You can export all survey revisions or just the latest submission.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 13.38.28.png
Invite Guest Users

It is now possible to invite guest users to the junkshon platform, as an admin you can invite your guests and manage their access. A guest user can complete surveys without having to be logged into the platform. Also, a guest user can be converted to a full platform user at any time. 


Once the user has been converted to a full platform user, it will be possible for them to access other features on junkshon platform. 

Contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the features in more depth.