Migration Insights - ISSUE #3 Discovery Approach

Application & Infrastructure Discovery

Enterprise customers should think twice before undertaking traditional discovery exercises

We deal with many large enterprise customers that are looking to build their own cloud platform or consume from one of the large public cloud providers. Many of them believe they should start by purchasing some sort of Asset Discovery tool.

When you start down the path of modernising your application and infrastructure or if you are embarking on a digital transformation programme most people will say that you should start with a Discovery exercise. A discovery task typically means either some manual assessment or purchasing and deploying a discovery toolset. While both these approaches are entirely valid and, in some cases, the only available option, there is a third way.

The Junkshon Approach – analyse your existing systems to save time and money

Many enterprise customers we work with have this information already stored in different data silos, such as existing CMDB, component management systems, ITSM tools or enterprise architecture tools. These diverse data sources are a great place to find valuable insights about your I.T estate.

At junkshon, we harvest data from these existing systems and quickly build an understanding of your application and infrastructure services, using the different machine learning models we build and maintain, coupled with our analytics capabilities. This approach can save you time and money, help you build your strategy and understand the quick wins faster.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of this alternative approach to the traditional Discovery phase.

1. Significantly reduce your I.T transformation costs

2. Don't wait for months for a costly assessment to complete

3. You are not having to roll out yet another toolset into your environment that can be costly and take time

4. Get your cloud adoption projects started faster and with better insight.

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