junkshon and CAST team up on best practice enterprise Cloud Migration - what does it mean for you ..

by Martin Southgate, CEO junkshon

Our latest Technology Partner announcement with CAST provides an opportunity to blog about our latest thinking on best practice in creating the best and right foundations for your priority cloud migration or IT infrastructure optimisation project.

The current pandemic and associated business impact has created the necessity for all organisations to get the best out of their IT assets and, for many, it is now a business imperative to be able to take full advantage of increasingly powerful and agile cloud computing capability.

Rapid and High-Quality Discovery

This is a necessary and critical enabling step, and it’s a step where junkshon is transforming and disrupting traditional discovery processes and techniques. In a nutshell, we do not believe that just using discovery tools can deliver the required results. (you can read more about that here - Discovery Approach).

Instead, we believe it is essential to build the best possible view of an IT and Applications estate (we call this a Migration Configuration Data Base (MCDB)) using all information sources, starting with the main systems of record (e.g. ITSM, Enterprise Architecture and Asset Management tools) and overlaying DBA, Finance, Procurement and other data sources, including discovery tool feeds.

Over the last two years, we have progressively developed our Platform capability to master the Discovery process using machine learning and other advanced techniques. Earlier this year, Applications Insight functionality, including surveying, was added to enrich Applications information and engage applications development and support teams. The value and richness of this capability increases everyday as we refine surveys, gather new metadata and use this information to learn and refine cloud migration strategy and delivery.

CAST - Next Level

Our partnership with CAST takes Discovery to the next level. Having access to valuable source code visibility into the Cloud-readiness of applications provides even deeper and sharper insights that allow cloud migration and IT estate optimisation projects to be complete and accurate underpinning ongoing successful project delivery.

In summary, highly automated and digitised junkshon MCDB building, deep Application Insight capability complimented with aligned CAST source code analysis provides full E2E discovery enabling the best possible results.

The future looks very bright for customers that are wishing to transform their business services, applications and technology using junkshon Platform.

Here at junkshon we continue to build new ways of migrating workload to the cloud and with the availability of new CAST partnership capability the time to move to the cloud and/or optimise your IT infrastructure has never been better.

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