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At junkshon, we are always looking at ways to increase the adoption of innovative cloud solutions as part of our migration strategy development. Migration to the cloud is not just about performing a lift and shift or re-platforming applications. New solutions are now available to remove complex legacy applications and infrastructure from your estate.

One such area is the Contact Centre, running you call centre software in the cloud or by using a platform service that enables you to configure a contact centre including, automation rules, chatbots and AI.

Amazon Connect an Amazon Web Services contact centre solution. Connect enables service desk staff, sales staff to respond to phone calls or chat inquiries from the customer as if the contact centre application and infrastructure were hosted on-premise.

Amazon Connect is an entirely software-defined contact centre solution that allows the user to focus on the customer experience and not on the underlying application software or infrastructure.

How Connect works

Amazon Connect is a fully software-defined solution you will need to create an amazon connect instance. To use amazon connect you will require a user directory, you can use an external directory service like Microsoft Active Directory. Once your connect service is set up with the appropriate administration privileges you will then need to select the telephony options; for example, does your contact centre need to place and receive calls and the location of data storage.

Contact Flows

Contact flows in Connect define each step a customer can make when they interact with the contact centre. If you are familiar with voice infrastructure that used in service desks, the contact flow is similar to an Interactive Voice Response (IRV) system. A contact flow can also support text to speech interactions, and you can also route calls to specific agents with individual skills, availability or customer priority.

Web Chat / Mobile Chat

Connect provides a single application experience for contact centre agents, this means that through a single pane of glass agents can receive and place voice calls, talk to customers using web/chat and mobile chat integration. This solution improves the overall productivity of your agents.

Cloud based Contact Centre Architecture
Cloud based Contact Centre Architecture

Integration Options

Connect can easily integrate with many systems, such as customer relationship management systems. It is also possible to integrate Connect using Lambda and Event Bridge services, enabling you to bring customer data from deep inside

your backend systems to the Connect application to improve the overall customer experience.


Connect is underpinned by AI services, allowing agents to use AI to automate interactions and improve customer experience. Using AI, it is also possible to understand sentiment, trends and monitor compliance-related matters.

My view

I spend a lot of my time looking at customer applications and infrastructure portfolios, and a common theme is the amount of infrastructure in the form servers, network appliances and infrastructure software to support traditional contact centres.

When you overlay the integration software that has been developed over the decades to connect CRM and value-added selling systems to the call centre technology, there is an opportunity to build a new contact centre experience.

These new contact centre solutions can be more efficient to run, provide intelligent features faster, but are also lower cost to operate, but scalable to meet demands without having to worry about infrastructure scaling related issues.

All of this leads to opportunities to retire those old, tired and complex call centre infrastructures that exist.

Finally, with all things cloud-based it is possible to create your contact centre from code. I have recently created a Cloud Formation template to build a contact centre instance, enabling me to repeat the process of deploying new instances very quickly.

How we can help at junkshon?

We can provide rapid estate analysis and advisory and build your mass migration strategy and plan. We do not look purely at lift and shift solutions we evaluate cloud-native and higher value application services. We understand in detail what it takes to migrate workloads to the public cloud or between data centres.

Check out our strategy package:

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