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Updated: May 11

I spent the weekend working on cloud strategy development using our platform.

This is what I was able to accomplish in a couple of hours:

  • I created a Migration Configuration Database (MCDB) from 4 discovery feed files.

Time took: 25mins.

  • Loaded the files into our platform and mapped them using our own data mapper.

Time took: 10mins.

  • Loaded the file and created an MCDB. Our platform creates a set of standard scenarios on data load. 1019 servers, 67Tb of block storage, 223 unique applications COTS/bespoke.

Time took: 10mins.

  • Created three business case scenarios and tagged specific workloads.

Time took: 15mins.

  • I created three consumptions models for Compute and Storage across three hyper-scalers for comparison, AWS, GCP, and Azure. Avg consumption revenue across each of the providers. $1.8m.

Time took: 20mins

  • Created three consumption models for Compute and Storage with optimisation levers applied to model running workloads for shorter periods or with specific chipsets and storage products.

Time took: 20mins

  • Generated a 7R model for the entire estate developing a mix of RHOST, REPLATFORM, and RETIRE candidates.

Time took: 15mins.

  • Coffee time: 5mins


**A typical pre-sales cost for this work is £13,017 vs £416.00 using junkshon automation.

I believe these figures are also conservative. The hours that are taken traditionally performing this work, I am sure, are a lot higher.

This is done online with no manual calculations or documents or excels. All visible to the customer, no hiding data, results or actions.

And the benefit is when new data arrives in a week, it can be just added to the platform, and the scenarios, treatments, calculations, and groupings can be updated. In addition, a platform supporting your pre-sales activity differentiates you from the others and data captured can be used in the actual delivery of the programme or project.

The old way of doing this work is on its way out. This is the new way of thinking.

**cost calculated using glassdoor average salary for a UK-based pre-sales consultant based on an hourly rate.

Justin Campbell CTO@junkshon


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