Accessing Azure Service Data


This blog describes an alternative discovery process for organisations that are considering migrating workloads from Azure public cloud to another Public Cloud provider or back on-premise.

With the Azure API services, it is possible to perform a discovery task without having to install new agents or other software or writing complex scripts.

Technical Overview

The Microsoft Azure Cloud provides a complete service API layer that provides a simple RESTful API to perform queries of the Azure endpoints to collect discovery data.

Figure 1 – illustrates the high-level architecture of the Azure cloud, using the Azure API it is possible to collect subscription, application, infrastructure and service information using RESTful integration.

The Azure cloud provides data via JSON response documents.

Example Azure Architecture

Using the Azure APIs junkshon can either collect the data directly using the API endpoints or you can download the data from the API services in the JSON structure and, it can then be uploaded into the junkshon analytics platform for analysis and machine learning.

The key API end points that junkshon recommends using are:

Security Authentication

Azure Active Directory OAuth2 Flow

Type: oauth2 Flow: implicit Authorization URL: /


Gets all subscriptions for a tenant


Service Fabric

List by Subscription



List by Resource Group



List by Application Name

Gets services of a given application

GET /subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/providers/Microsoft.ServiceFabricMesh/applications?api-version=2018-07-01-preview

Traditional Virtual Machines

List Virtual Machine Subscription Images



List Virtual Machine Subscription Size

GET /subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/locations/{location}/vmSizes?api-version=2018-06-01

List Virtual Machine Subscription Disk List



Service Mapping

List Connections Machines

Returns a collection of connections terminating or originating at the specified machine