Infrastructure Optimisation

Helps you to understand your overall infrastructure workload, prioritizing your current server workloads and applications for optimisation or transition to the cloud with insights on the business, cost, and technology benefits of your move.

Infrastructure Optimisation features include:

  • Discovery of your existing infrastructure using ingested data and surveys.

  • Assessment of the infrastructure estate against current infrastructure strategy.

  • Review data and align with the business strategy and objectives. 

  • Development of optimisation plan with investment costs and benefits tracker

  • Creation of utilisation baseline for assessing progress towards optimisation goals. 

Use Cases:

  • Detecting and understanding anomalies in your infrastructure consumption

  • Reducing spend to meet forecast 

  • Usage reduction by auditing underutilised infrastructure

Benefits include:

  • Time boxed approach, no long term assessment processes. 

  • A clear action plan with costs and benefits.

  • A top 10 optimisation target list, capable of being executed in 90 days post-assessment phase. 

  • A holistic independent view of your infrastructure with industry recommendations. 

  • Recommendations based upon decades of large scale operations experience.