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Get Access to Junkshon Platform

​There are two ways you can get access to Junkshon Platform. 

Customer Account already created

If you or your customer already has an account on Junkshon Platform, your Customer Administrator can issue your access.  Should you need help finding out who your Customer Administrator is, please contact

Customer Account not created

If you need an account creating for you or your customer, your can request this by sending an email to or by completing the access request form.

Upload a File

​Here are the simple steps on how to upload a file to Junkshon Platform.  You need to be a user of the platform and be able to log in.  See the "Get Access to Junkshon Platform" How to if you need to request access.

  1. Click on "Migration Configuration" Tile on dashboard

  2. Click "File Management" link at the top of the screen

  3. Use the browse button to select the file(s) to upload

  4. Once you have located and selected the files you would like to upload, click the open button - 

    1. You will be able to upload files up to 10mb in size

    2. You can upload files in .csv, .xlsx, .xls, .json format

  5. The files you have selected will appear in the list where you can give each file a friendly name, if you wish.  You can also delete a file from the list if you have selected one by mistake. 

  6. If you have selected a file, with a file name that has been previously uploaded.  You will be prompted to change the source file name and select for upload again. 

  7. You can select and upload files from various locations on your computer

  8. You can see a preview of the file in the table to the right of the screen by clicking on the file name in the list.

  9. You can choose to upload the file at this point.

Map a File

  1. Click on the file name in the list and click on "Header Mapping" 

  2. Click and Drag the orange column name from the left to the centre (this will be the column name from your file)

  3. Click and Drag the blue column from the right to the centre, adjacent to the relevant orange label (this will be the Junkshon header)

  4. Once you are happy that all the columns are mapped click the save (disk) button.  This will upload the file and save the mapping schema for processing.

Managing Uploaded Files

  1. Select the "Uploaded Files" Tab on the "File Management" Screen

  2. All files that have been loaded by all users of the customer account will be listed on the left hand side of the screen, this table includes:

    1. File Name​

    2. The email address of the person who uploaded the file

    3. The date the file was uploaded

    4. A flag to show whether the file has been processed

  3. You can preview the contents of this file on the right hand side of the screen by clicking the file name in the list

  4. Files can be downloaded by clicking the download icon on the row of the file you wish to download

  5. File can also be deleted by clicking the trash can on the row of the file you wish to delete

MCDB (Migration Configuration Database)

​The MCDB is the uploaded data from your files.  This data is split across multiple tabs, they are:

  • Servers

  • Applications​

  • Databases

  • Network

  • Components

  • Customer Service

  • Export

The MCDB screen also holds a product card which is populated with the data for each server when you click on it, you can also export the product card information into a PDF document.

  1. ​Click on "Migration Configuration" Tile on dashboard

  2. Click on the MCDB link

  3. A grid will load on the screen with the contents from the files with the above mentioned tabs

  4. All data in the MCDB can be filtered (see the steps in the Filtering MCDB for how to do this)

  5. All data in the MCDB can be exported from each tab or from the Export tab (see the steps in the Exporting My Data for how to do this)

Filtering MCDB

Adding Filters

There are two options to filtering the data in the MCDB both options are below:

Option 1

  1. ​On any tab, click the three lines/hamburger next to the column header name

  2. Click the funnel icon on the drop down and select the items to add/remove from the list

  3. If you wish to apply filters on other columns, repeat steps 1 & 2 for each column.

  4. Once you have finished applying the filters you want on the tab you are working in, you can click "Apply Filters" and the data will be set so that you can now click on any tab and the filter will be set across them all

Option 2 

  1. Click the filter pull out at the side of the grid on any tab

  2. Extend the column header name which you want to apply the filter to (you can do this for multiple headers)

  3. Click apply filters and the data will be set across all tabs 

Removing Filters

  1. Click reset filters and all filters will be removed from all tabs

Exporting my Data

You can export only the data from each tab (including filtered data if you wish) by:

  1. Apply the filters you wish

  2. Right click anywhere inside the table of data

  3. Select export

  4. Choose the export format

  5. Your file will be downloaded locally to your device

You can export a full data set by click on the "Export" tab and following the steps above​.  You can remove columns from the export if you wish by:

  1. Click the three lines/hamburger next to any column header

  2. Click the columns icon

  3. Untick the columns you wish to exclude

  4. Follow steps 2 to 5 above.

Access my Reports

All your reports will be uploaded to the reports and summaries section of Junkshon Platform.  You can access them by going to the reports and summaries tile, click reports loaded and you will see a list of all your reports.

These are available for you to download at any time by clicking the download link.