How the junkshon analytics and migration platform works
Migrate your applications and infrastructure faster, cheaper and at a lower risk


Because of our machine learning and our analytics engine we can build a picture of your application/infrastructure landscape faster.

Assessments that typically take months can be performed in hours and days using junkshon saving you time and money. 

We continually train and improve our machine learning models to remove hours of manual data cleaning, weightings and transformation predictions.



junkshon follows the highest security practices and processes when it comes to securing information.


We encrypt all data in transit using AES 256-bit and encrypt all data at rest. All data access is controlled via privileged access management processes and procedures. 


visual analytics 

Using our visual analytics tools, we can gain insight into your application and infrastructure landscape.  We do not use untidy spreadsheets or complicated macros and manual processes. 


We provide visual analytics to provide you with the insight you need to make the right transformation decisions. 



Our API layer allows us to integrate with cloud migration tools, internal automation tools and with public cloud provider interfaces. 

Using JSON as our payload standard, we push and receive information from other systems enabling us to update tools such as AWS migration hub from our migration manager application. We can push target landing zone definitions directly to the point migration tool of choice.


make decisions fast

We build business case forecasts faster that enable us to help you develop your future strategy and digital transformation plans.


Our business case tools capture your base case information, future run costs and transformation investment. 



At junkshon, we believe that cloud migration should not cost the earth. We are a platform company and focus on building applications to deliver outcomes we do not think substantial licensing deals are required anymore.


Our approach is an easy to consume subscription approach that you can turn on and off as and when you need it. You are in total control.