Migration Project Fast Track

Rapid, accurate 30-60-90 day cloud migration start-up plans to kick-start the delivery of transformational business benefits

Migration Project Fast Track is designed to fast track the prioritisation, detailed planning and start-up of your next set of migration projects. Junkshon works with you to identify high business value projects, undertakes further analysis of the top three and then conducts detailed startup planning for your chosen project. This enables your team to drill further into the detail required to successfully mobilise and build delivery momentum.

  • Overarching focus on enabling maximum business value, including cost reduction, agility,
    scalability, team productivity, data centre rationalisation, improved technical debt,
    innovation, application modernisation and digital transformation

  • Highly compressed and high-value 30-day assessment and mobilise activity

  • Designed to cut through complexity and conflicting data – eliminates analysis paralysis

  • Unique and rapid visibility of your infrastructure and applications estate with no dependency on
    Discovery Tools

  • Sophisticated scenario management and analysis tools to support rapid decision-making

  • Increased delivery momentum and confidence, laying strong foundations for broader migration
    programme success

  • Supports full public cloud migration tooling capability including on-premise and migration tooling providers

  • Transformed cost, quality and timescales

  • Objective (fact-based), open and transparent approach