Migration Readiness Assessment

Focused and high-value workshop that assesses enterprise cloud migration readiness and defines key enabling actions to deliver transformational cloud business benefits

​The Junkshon Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) revolves around a focused and interactive workshop where your readiness survey information is reviewed and discussed in depth to determine
necessary actions and next steps. Junkshon has created comprehensive migration readiness surveys based on best practice cloud migration thinking, aligned with leading cloud provider content, tools and methodologies. Surveys are created in the Junkshon Platform with appropriate tailoring to reflect your specific circumstances and needs.

  • Thorough readiness review based migration best practice and Junkshon experience

  • High-value migration readiness maturity status report, including organisation readiness strengths and weaknesses

  • Overriding focus on enabling cloud migration and associated business benefits

  • Recommended action plans and next steps focused on resolving the identified gaps, so you can migrate at scale and pace without being held back by foundational readiness issues

  • Delivery readiness ability insights and associated support needs