Cloud Strategy Solution
Dramatically reduce the time and cost of building your cloud migration strategy to deliver transformational business results

The Junkshon Cloud Strategy Solution provides you with detailed insight into your IT infrastructure and application estate data and then applies digitised experience, learnings and ‘what-if’ scenario management to help you build smart and intelligent cloud change programmes. We use a blend of AI-based platform capability and world-class cloud migration consulting experience to drill deep into elements, such as inter-dependencies, hardcoded IP addresses and extended databases. Ultimately, this helps you determine the feasibility of moving particular workloads or applications to the cloud, based on cost, performance expectations and resource usage.

  • Overarching focus on enabling maximum business value, including cost reduction, agility, scalability, team productivity, data centre rationalisation, improved technical debt, innovation, application modernisation and digital transformation

  • 360° Strategy Report outputs

  • A structured and time-boxed approach, avoiding a long drawn out assessment phase and analysis paralysis

  • Unique and rapid visibility of your infrastructure and applications estate with no dependency on Discovery Tools

  • Supports all major public cloud, on-premise and migration tooling providers

  • Transformed cost, quality and timescales

  • Objective (fact-based), open and transparent approach.