Cloud Strategy Insights

Dramatically accelerate the development of your business case and other key insights to assess the benefits of cloud migration

​Cloud Strategy Insights provides you with detailed insight into your IT infrastructure and application estate data and then applies digitised experience, learnings and ‘what-if’ scenario management to help you build smart, intelligent cloud business cases and high-level change programmes. We use a blend of AI-based platform and world-class cloud migration consulting experience to deliver results in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

  • Overarching focus on enabling maximum business value, including cost reduction, agility, scalability, team productivity, data centre rationalisation, improved
    technical debt, innovation, application modernisation and digital transformation

  • 360° Strategy outputs

  • A structured and time-boxed approach, avoiding a long drawn out assessment phase and analysis paralysis

  • Unique and rapid visibility of your infrastructure and applications estate with no dependency on Discovery Tools

  • Supports all major public cloud, on-premise and migration tooling providers

  • Transformed cost, quality and timescales

  • Objective (fact-based), open and transparent approach.