Application Insights

Smart on-line application workload surveying and Junkshon analysis that rapidly and efficiently helps you identify cloud migration and modernisation candidates

​The first step in the Junkshon Application Insights process is to issue tailored on-line surveys and actively manage response gathering and refinement. Junkshon has created standard survey content, founded on our extensive expertise, which is designed to capture key migration information smartly with optimal team engagement and effort. Standard content can be tailored to reflect your specific needs and circumstances.

  • Critical insights into high business value modernisation and lower-complexity cloud migration candidates

  • Overriding focus on enabling cloud migration and associated business benefits

  • Rapid, time-boxed and sprint-based survey and assessment approach with rapid iteration and analysis that delivers ongoing output improvements. This is designed to prevent inertia and analysis paralysis

  • Key information and insight is still required from your application development teams, but support time and costs are limited, efficient and effective

  • Combined top-down application analysis with any available bottom-up IT estate analysis

  • Open and consumption-based service aligned with your existing systems, tools and repositories – no major licensing decisions or long-term commitments.