Application Insight

Perform application analysis faster using our Survey platform. Enrich your I.T landscape data with additional business context. Survey data can then be used to develop detailed technical run books for each migration.


Application Survey Dashboard

Application Mapping

Application Insight

Application survey package includes:

  • Send application surveys to specific application owners using our survey engine

  • Enrich your existing I.T landscape data

  • Capture operational information to inform the migration run books

  • Analysis of the data to inform migration group generation 

  • Use an extensive library of surveys to speed up your data capture

  • Maintain a view of your application and infrastructure landscape by continuing to perform quarterly surveys of your application landscape


  • Gain rapid insight into your application landscape without having to spend hours building complex spreadsheets and slideware. 

  • Reduce the time and cost it takes to build up knowledge of your application estate. Get greater insight into the business context and business processes that your application portfolio underpins. 

  • Using junkshon and our application surveying services, we can rapidly build your migration wave/groups and migration run book.