About Us

We started junkshon because we know that Cloud driven infrastructure transformation, supporting wider enterprise digitalisation, represents a significant challenge – and a huge opportunity – for the IT industry. 


Having been at the centre of some of the largest and most complex Cloud and Data Centre (DC) migrations, we also know that mission-critical Strategy and Migration work is still predominantly founded on traditional methods - spreadsheets, paper, flip charts and whiteboards - leading to high-cost, slow, clumsy (the opposite of agile) and error-prone work. 


Even when executed well, changing requirements, application & IT estate changes and technology innovation mean that good work is out-of-date within weeks.  Millions of pounds and valuable resources have to be invested to keep strategies and plans up-to-date.


We have developed advanced software and analytics capability, supported by expert advice, to revolutionise and disrupt how Enterprises and Service Providers create smart, high-value, sustainable and agile application and infrastructure strategies, from planning through to the execution of transformation programmes.


The junkshon agile approach revolves around a rapid and iterative process that enables accelerated decision making.

How We Can Help You


Rapid Time to Value - whether you are an enterprise or a service provider, we can help radically reduce the time it takes to assess, gain insight and craft action plans for your Cloud / DC migration strategy.  Using machine learning and other advanced technologies, we can form early views on landing zone targets, priorities, risks, plans and business case data in days rather than weeks or months.   


Rapid Iterations and Unparalleled Accuracy - having formed initial views from first pass IT Estate and Applications data, we help you work creatively and iteratively to develop options and recommendations when other approaches leave you still trying to make sense of your data.  As the quality of estate data improves, we absorb changes and refine analysis in minutes rather than days or weeks.  


Rapid ‘what-if’ Scenario Analysis - rapid analysis and decision making extends to assessing alternative approaches and tactics - ‘what impact would it have we kept the DC pair in the North of England and prioritised all Applications with high Technical Debt ?’  When we say high Technical Debt we mean Operating Systems, Hardware and Software which are out of or close to be out of support, incurring much higher costs and systemic delivery risks.  

All of this is achieved via simple clicks in our on-line analytics platform.

Rapid Migration Planning & Prioritisation - it doesn’t stop there.  With a little guidance from one of our migration analysts, we can help you document applications dependencies, which complete the picture of the foundations of your estate and allow Strategy actions to be finalised.  

Then the fun begins - time to start detailed migration planning using Modelling & Planning without having to rely on spreadsheets, pens and paper.

Our mission is to support you taking full advantage of your Cloud and IT infrastructure.